Services that we
Porvide to our clients

Services that we
Porvide to our clients

Accounting services

AFAM through its professional staff provides accounting services for companies that want to completely outsource their accounting department or just a review of the work that is done from the internal accounting staff.

Within this service we have:
- Registration of invoices, bank statement and cash register and other financial informations.
- Preparation of the register of fixed assets.
- Review of registrations as per international accounting standards
- Adjustments of changes in accounting and tax standards.

Tax Declaration

AFAM with its professional staff offers the following tax services:
Personal income tax & pension contribution -
Withholding tax on Rent/license/interest -
Tax on profit (Annual Tax on Profit Declaration) -
Due Diligence, Audit and Tax Review -
Review of contracts from tax prespective -

Tax Consulting

We use our profit-making experience in real-world business to provide solutions to complex tax issues. This stems from our ability to think beyond the current circumstances and to anticipate the eventual long-term and medium-term consequences of an action

Business Reorganization

We offer professional assistance in structural setting up and reorganization of companies. We enable the construction of a stable organizational structure, the construction and systematization of departments, the assignment of tasks and responsibilities, the design of controls and procedures, and the implementation of the accounting system.

Financial Services

Recently, this industry has witnessed a considerable development which is often accompanied by confusion and uncertainty. We offer creative solutions in this area. We do not consider common financial metadata as a burden on businesses; we provide new ideas for transforming co-financing into highly efficient instruments for joint development.

New investment consulting

Our specialized staff in this field helps clients to offer their capital in a smarter way. We assist them in evaluating investment projects, to find the best capital structure, as well as in assessing and sharing risk.

Legal Services

Part of our team is the group of lawyers and legal advisers. Our legal team provides a clearer picture of the compliance of your activities with the law. Our legal interpretations which are in fact needed every day enable a continuous safe business process by eliminating the possibilities for future criminal offenses.

Price transfer services

Price transfer documentation.1
Price transfer planning.2
Proper estimation of transfer price .3
General Tax Assistance .4

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