"Unique approach, superior results!"

"Unique approach, superior results!"

Who are we

AFAM was created by a team of colleagues who have long experience working with major financial companies and are guided by a vision to create a new operating standard for local companies in the field of financial services. AFAM was established in November 2012 aiming to become the largest local company.

Our Services

Some of our services

We use our profit-making experience in real-world business to provide solutions to complex tax issues. This stems from our ability to think beyond the current circumstances and to anticipate the eventual long-term and medium-term consequences of an action.

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AFAM through its professional staff provides accounting services for companies that want to completely outsource their accounting department or just a review of the work that is done from the internal accounting staff.

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AFAM with its professional staff offers the following tax services:
1. Taxes on salaries and pensions
2. Taxes on rent / license / interest
3. Profit Taxes (Annual Profit Tax Statement)
4. VAT returns
5. Due Due Diligence, Audit and tax review
6. Review of contracts from the tax aspect (for tax effects).

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We offer professional assistance in structural setting up and reorganization of companies. We enable the construction of a stable organizational structure, the construction and systematization of departments, the assignment of tasks and responsibilities, the design of controls and procedures, and the implementation of the accounting system.

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